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I just recently got my first crop top (that has got to be the ugliest sentence I've ever seen). I wore it OUTSIDE. For TWO DAYS. And obviously I was fine, nobody cared. It just makes me ask - why am I finding that confidence now? Why couldn't I have been a confident young girl? I spent so much time and energy making myself invisible. So stupid! But I'm getting there. Some days I do look at myself and think "dang, I'm actually kinda cool". And then I get excited for what's to come.

I really missed your writings. Still remember some of the "laughs" and "wordles" sections at the end of the weekly newsletter.

You are fucking gorgeous and that nose piercing suits you so well! Fuck the haters!

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So so so good to see you back here with a post.

I tried to email you, not sure if it’s landed in your junk?!

I had a nose piercing in my 30s too. I was told by family I’d look weird and wouldn’t get a job. FFS. Here’s to us reclaiming the things we want to do, for JOY.


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